Storm Central

(Tim and Ella)

This photo was taken yesterday when we had just a mere 6 inches of snow on the ground. Now, we have at least one foot. On the news today, our local weatherman said that it's snowed more than 40 hours since this burst of winter rolled into the Northeast--and it's still snowing!


My parents are in town from Virginia! Gosh, it's good to see them. The kids are so excited. We only get to see them a few times a year, so having them here means that Xmas is just a few days away.


Got to get a few last minute gifts, and then I'm done with Shopfest 2008.


The snow, coupled with lack of laptop, has meant less blogging. But now that my parents are here, I should have more time to write, blog, post, plot, and scheme for the new year.


I'm thoroughly enjoying the Jan/Feb issue of Poets & Writers. This issue is the annual spotlight on up and coming poets. A good read for a snowy afternoon.


Collin Kelley said…
Have a great holiday!
Maya Ganesan said…
Here, we've got about six inches of snow - it looks like cream cheese ;)

Hope you have a lovely Christmas.
Goodnight, Mom said…
We were wondering if this weekend was going to cure MB of her desire to move there! It hasn't!

Send my love to your parents!!!!
Kay Cooke said…
What a lovely pic! Have a great Christmas.
January said…
Merry Christmas to all!

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