Bits and Pieces

Last night, we began looking at the footage we shot for "How to Make a Crab Cake." I had the kids with me so I didn't get as much work done as hoped, and we had a few technical glitches, but I think it's going to be terrific! It's fun to see these clips come together to tell a story. Can't wait to share it when ready.


Yesterday, I revised a poem I had been working on, and started work on something new. I've have a running list of topics I want to cover so I don't forget to work on them in June to round out my second manuscript. I'm in a good place with my work; I haven't felt this creative in months.


It's really too early to be up and about. The weekend can't come soon enough.


Looking forward to seeing Tony Hoagland read at Salem State Friday night.


Jessie Carty said…
When my editor asked me to write 16 more poems for my first book I was at first in terror! But then going back and looking for places where additional stories could be told made it a fun project and some of those new poems are the ones people seem to like the best from the book. Have fun with it!
January said…
That's a terrific way to look at revision. Thanks for the advice, Jessie.

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