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All Good Things ...

Happy 2020!

For more than 10 years I have LOVED this space. It has been a place of growth and healing. When I think about all the poems discussed, pictures posted, and lists created on this blog--not to mention the Poetry Action Plans--I feel a great sense of pride. The Poet Mom blog has been a virtual home for me. I've documented the growth of my children, the demise of a marriage, and the start of a career.

But now, it's time to let it go. I'm just not feeling the urge to post regularly. I tend to move toward the things that bring me joy; I think the blog and I have run its course.

So for now, this will be my last post. I may keep it live, just not updated. Not sure. Will probably decide by end of January.

To all who have read Poet Mom off and on for years, I love you. Thanks for the support. More important, thanks for putting up with my typos!

Here's hoping we continue to try again, fail again, fail better. Always. 💗

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