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Tampa, baby!

I am 75% packed for the AWP Conference in Tampa next week. Why am I packed so early? It looks like it will be 80 degrees, and I need shoes!

I’m a planner. More important,  I’m psyched for the trip! The suitcase becomes a visual reminder that I get to run away for a week and be with my poetry peeps!

My involvement with AWP the organization has changed over the years. I vaguely remember the early days when it was based in Norfolk, VA at my alma mater Old Dominion University (late 80s). I *think* I may have even crossed paths with Executive Direction David Fenza way back when. My first conference was New Orleans-- probably not the best place for a first timer. All I remember is Pat O's.

For the heck of it, I looked up the previous conferences. These are the ones I've attended.

2002: New Orleans, Louisiana
2003: Baltimore, Maryland
2007: Atlanta, Georgia
2008: New York, New York
2010: Denver Colorado
2011: Washington, DC
2013: Boston, Massachusetts
2014: Seattle, Washing…

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