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Book Tour - Spring 2019

Look y'all, tour dates! My first book tour. I'm thrilled to be able to support my third book Rewilding.
Did I mention my poem, Hoodie, was in the NYT yesterday? 
I made this graphic. If you can't read it, it's because I need glasses and can't tell if it's blurry or not. (Can't admit needing glasses yet. *Sad.*)  
Spring 2019 Dates
Feb 25 • Middlesex CC (Lowell, MA)
Mar 1-4 • Betsy Hotel (Miami, FL)
Mar 5 • Plymouth State University (Plymouth, ME)
Mar 7 • Salem State University (Salem, MA)
Mar 18 • Blacksmith House (Cambridge, MA)
Mar 21 • VA Festival of the Book (Charlottesville, VA)
Mar 25 • Evening of Inspired Leaders (Boston, MA)
Mar 27-30 • AWP Conference (Portland, OR)
Apr 3 • Bedlam Book Café (Worcester, MA)
Apr 4 • Mass Poetry Student Day of Poetry (Peabody, MA)
Apr 9 • Milton Public Library (Milton, MA)
Apr 17 • Northwestern Connecticut CC (Winsted, CT)
Apr 18 • Cambridge Public Library (Cambridge, MA)
Apr 22 • Harvard Book Store (Cambridge MA…

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