Visting Poets House

On Saturday, Jennifer, Colleen, and I visited Poets House. This was my second visit, yet my stays are way too short. I let myself get lost in the stacks and stacks of poetry collections and the time flies!

It's amazing what they have on their shelves. I looked through Anne Carson's Nox, a foldout collection of poetry, photos, and letters--amazing. But I also saw something that looked like an elementary school-level stapled book report, complete with a red construction paper cover. Couldn't tell if that was a gimmick or an authentic book. I found both in the 2010 Showcase exhibit, along with new collections by D.A. Powell, Rachel Zucker, Wesley McNair, Susan Rich, and Jessie Carty, to name a few. So cool.

I was a little disappointed not to find Underlife. And not just Underlife--didn't see any recent titles by my publisher, CavanKerry Press. I know they're backlogged and rely on interns. Still, it's nice to know that your first collection is on display for anyone who shows up on a whim, like me.

We heard rumors of a wedding happening today at Poets House in the garden area. The space is just that lovely (and no, I don't know if a poet is getting married or which one). If you're in NYC, I hope you get a chance to visit. Jennifer, Colleen, and I may come back in the fall for another mini writers retreat just to spend a long afternoon immersed in poetry.


What a fantastic sounding place! I just came back from three days in NYC and wish I had a an opportunity to discover Poets House. Maybe next time ....
Collin Kelley said…
I'm planning my first visit there this fall. Can you donate books to them?
January said…
Yes, you can. Contact the librarian at Poets House for more info.

Collin, make sure you plan to spend a few hours there. You'll want as much time as possible.
January said…
Melissa, now you'll have one more spot to visit on your next NYC visit!
Jessie Carty said…
That's so sad that your books aren't out yet! I think I sent mine to them back in March? Crazy to think my book is on display there! I soooo need an excuse to go to New York :)

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