Confession Tuesday

You know the drill.

I confess I'm writing this on Wednesday because I didn't have much to say yesterday afternoon. 

Today, I'm at the Salem Athenaeum, which is my usual spot too write on Wednesdays. Here's the view outside. I would be sitting there but it's 80 degrees and humid at 10 a.m. Too early to be sweaty and gross. 


I didn't have much to say yesterday, but last night I was guest lecturing in a beginning poetry workshop at Harvard University. 

Let that sink in for a moment.


I spoke for an hour to a great group of diverse students. It's an interesting experience to speak to students about my work and my process. Maybe you've had this experience, when someone asks why you write about certain topics or why you chose a particular form/word/style. Never am I that purposeful in my work. Many times I come to the page without the foggiest notion of what I'm going to write about. So to explain what I was thinking when I wrote a poem years ago is a delightful challenge. Something I think I learn more about myself compared to whatever the students get out of my talks.

Special thanks to James Geary for letting me sit in, and for giving me my first (of many, I hope) teaching experiences at Harvard.


Tonight, the Improbable Places Poetry Tour takes place at the Salem Power Plant. I have it on good authority that there are more than 100 people signed up for this event. Here's a great article about art inside of this decommissioned power plant.

Here's the info about tonight's event.


When I look at my Poems Written count, I know I did not write anything for June, though I started at least three drafts. I'm fine with that. I managing to do something every day for the po-biz, including marketing for Misery Islands. Also, I've made a little progress with m'script #3 so it's in a good place.

Maybe I'll turn my attention to submissions soon.


This time last year, I was counting the weeks until my two weeks at the Fine Arts Work Center and Millay Colony. This year, I'm taking a family vacation in mid-July. Doubt I'll get anything done on the poetry side, but I'm ready to sit poolside watching the kids splash around for a while. Piña coladas, anyone?


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