SolLit Dialogue on RACE, CULTURE & CLASS: Are we Ready to Have the Conversation?

I have not posted very much this summer, but I would be remiss if I did not tell you about the piece I wrote for SolLit on race relations. This is a tough subject, one I'm more comfortable addressing in poetry not prose. But here I am, stepping into the fray. Seems like a good time for it, don't you think? Here's an excerpt.

Are we ready to have a real conversation about race? In order for that to happen, we have to be honest about what’s happening. Having an African American president, famous celebrities of color, and godlike basketball players does not mean we’ve come to terms with our history of slavery. The confederate flag flying over the South Carolina State house is testament to that. Maybe the conversation starts with our own cultural biases and admitting we have them. These come out of our own upbringings, our communities and cultures. This is different than the institutional racism which creates large socioeconomic disparities in education, employment, politics, and the judiciary system. Both are problematic, but these days I’m not sure which is easier to address.

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