Sunday, Sunday

Feel like the last gasp of summer is happening. Last week, we were in Atlanta visiting with family (photos from the Georgia Aquarium). Today, we’re going to a Red Sox game. Next week, the kids start school—and so do I. *sigh* The last two months have gone by quickly. Here in the Boston area, many schools held their last classes around June 29, so the kids have only been out of school two month. Part of me thinks it’s been the right amount of time. Of course, I wish we had a few more weeks to play around.

Because I’ve been spending most of my time with the kids, I haven’t been as productive. I haven’t written much poetry or read much of it for that matter, nor have I wanted to. Even after the Millay Colony retreat, I really have been distracted by the other parts of my life I tend to ignore. I’ve slept, eaten very well, hung out with friends, and spent some glorious days and nights with Alex and Ella. 

I fine with taking a break from writing. Deep down, I know this is part of the process, but it’s always hard to get back into the swing of things. This blog, in particular, was the first part of my writing life to be neglected. But it’s time to make a move. Time to pick a direction and go.

I should say that I finished my third manuscript, so it’s not as if my summer hasn’t been productive from a writer’s standpoint. All of those other parts of my life—teaching classes, festival planning, and the po biz—need my attention, too. So I am thankful for this summer respite, thankful I have work that sustains me and allows me to spend this precious time with my children. And I’m especially thankful that you still stop by every once in a while. XO! 


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