Happy Birthday, Alex!

Today my son turns 14! 

Alex is an amazing young man; I am so very proud to be his mother! Hard to believe he was just an idea, that there was a time when he was not on this earth. But like all children, he teaches me on a daily basis how to be a better person. Deep brown eyes, joyous smile, more energy than our house can contain. Basketball is is girlfriend--thank goodness. I, for one, am glad that girls are not yet in the picture, and that his sister is his best friend. It's been a difficult year, but we're in a better place, and Alex is thriving.

How lucky am I to share this brilliant human being with the world. How lucky am I!


Anonymous said…
Hi Jan, Congratulations to you and Alex! Seems like yesterday that you were pregnant. Keep up the good work! best always, Sharman
January said…
Thanks, Sharman. Hope all is well with you. XO

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