Confession Tuesday

 This note card is a piece of art that I bought a few years ago at a local street fair. It sits on my desk, hidden. For the longest time I didn't wait my kids to notice the swear words.

They're older now so I don't mind so much if they notice, but I like this little flow chart reminder of "Who's Bad."


Michael Jackson passed in 2009. Wow.


A few days ago on Twitter, some former and current bloggers started talking about the good-old blogging days. In our heyday, we would blog daily about poetry, our writing process, book reviews--same topics we're interested in today. Life got in the way.

For me, blogging became a weight. Once I started teaching, I just didn't have the energy or brain space to come up with new topics, raise a family, and keep a writing career going. My posts became shorter and less frequent. And let's face it, Blogger is not the most dynamic platform for self expression.

Ever since that conversation, it sounds as if a few bloggers may be jumping back into the fray. We miss the camaraderie. So I'm hopeful that by January 1, we'll be back to blogging in full force, at least for a brief time. Some of my best writing was created for this blog. I'd like to return to a regular blogging practice. I miss looking for new things to write about. Anticipation and surprise are missing in my writing; will blogging help me get it back?


I'm in denial about having a little cold before Thanksgiving. Better this week than next when I'll be traveling to the Poetry Coalition's annual meeting. Hate traveling while sick.


As with every November, I started writing a poem a day. And as with every November, I quickly got off track. I did write and revise a few poems, which I'm happy about. Not sure if I'll keep any of them but at least I put pen to paper a few times. Small victories.


"And the whole world has to answer right now just to tell you once again who's bad."


Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!


Susan Rich said…
Happy Thanksgiving, Jan! May you come back to Seattle soon!
January said…
Hope you had a great holiday! I'd love to visit again. Hope to see you in 2018 (in Hawaii!).

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