Boston Strong

It's OVAH!

Thank God the manhunt is over! What a scary week this has been. Everyone I spoke to--students, faculty, friends--knew someone who knew someone. The bombing and then the chase was the subtext our days. Even a few creative pieces about these terrible acts were written and shared in my writers group the Tuesday after the marathon

And then to wake up Friday morning knowing that Watertown, Boston, and the surrounding areas were on lockdown. The governor asked folks to "shelter in place." Even 20 miles out where I was, we felt as if we were on lockdown. The area was paralyzed  There was just an eerie feeling all over the commonwealth. Businesses closed. No trains running. Just an intense day. We filled out time with playdates, gathering with friends, and a little poetry.

Last night, when the second bombing suspect was captured, the feeling of elation was palpable. A wave of relief emanated across the state. If you were watching the coverage live, then you know what I mean. Wasn't it great to see the crowds line the streets cheering the cops?The Twitterverse erupted. It's over and life can begin to get back to normal. Many of us are left with just one question: Why?

So many people who sustained serious injuries are still in Boston hospitals. Now it's up to law enforcement to build a case and piece together a motive. There's still a long way go but at least the suspect has been caught. Please keep the victims in your thoughts. For some, this is just the beginning.


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