Confession Tuesday

Happy Confession Tuesday National Poetry Month Baseball Is Here I Need a Cookie!

You know the drill.


I am brain dead from writing one of my two op-eds, both of which are overdue. I don't like missing deadlines. But I hate passing up opportunities. It's a constant balancing act. I don't want to miss out on anything,  which means something has to shift. I have to learn to say no sometimes.

No. (feels good)


I've written one PAD poem and one is on the way. Probably a late-nighter after my workshop. Maybe my fellow writers will inspire tonight's topic. I have plenty of books to choose from after AWP.

Writing a poem a day forces quantity over quality. In May, I can be a little more objective about the quality. That's what revision's for.


I got nothin'. Seriously, I'm all worded out today. Saving my words for poems.

Happy Tuesday, folks. Go Red Sox.!!


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