Confession Tuesday

'Twas the Confession Tuesday before Christmas 
and all through the house, 
not a creature was stirring 
except for Jan, just back from a desperate, some might say futile, trip to the mall for last-minute presents. 



Since my last post, my semester officially ended, my grades have been posted, and my parents arrived from Virginia. It's been a non-stop race against time to make sure we have everything we need. We are so late with everything this Christmas. Didn't even do holiday cards this year. Oh well. 


Nothing kills the writing impulse like the holidays. But I'm trying to stay connected and not put too much pressure on myself. It's been quite a year. Can't wait to post my year-end roundup ... as soon as I get through the silly season.


Favorite holiday movie: Die Hard. Yippie Ki Yay ...


Keep Amiri Baraka in your prayers. 


Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


I, too, feel like Christmas has come upon us too fast. Is it because Thanksgiving came late? Because I was finishing my first semester teaching totally online? Regardless, I'd like another week to prepare and to enjoy it all.

Merry Christmas from a southernmost point of the U.S.!
January said…
Thanks Kristin. Hope you had a nice Christmas. I think the temperature is about 20 degrees warmer than where I am. I'm completely jealous.

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