PAD Recap

And just like that ...

December poems written: 0

But ....

2013 poems written: 73

November, I barely knew you. I barely knew myself. I mean, I handled this year's November Poem a Day (PAD) challenge much differently than any other year. Here's why this month feels like a success, even though I did not write 30 poems (I wrote 27).

1. I wrote in spurts. Turns out, I'm a more productive writer when I have something to write about.

2. I need blocks of time to write. While I can always write in 10 or 20 minutes sprints, whenever I had a few minutes, I really do better when I have an hour or more to read, ponder, gaze ... you know ... waste time.

3. I wrote in my journal first, then transferred my drafts to my computer. Usually, I just go straight to the laptop but writing them down helped me gain a little perspective.

4. I didn't worry about crafting the perfect first draft. These poems are a hot mess. I'm going to work on them, one a day, in December.

My biggest fear is that by shifting to revision, I won't have the time or energy to keep writing. But I am attending a weekend writers' retreat in December so that should give me a much-needed boost. It's possible I may finish the month with 80 poems. Yikes!


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