Catching Up

At one point this was my Confession Tuesday post. Then it became Confession Thursday. Oh well, here it is. On Saturday.

Here's a photo from Tuesday, the day I should have posted. Notice the Starbucks mug from Pike Place, the first Starbucks location (or I like to call it: The Mothership!).


It's taken me nearly a week to get back into a semi-regular sleep pattern. I was sleepless in Seattle. In fact, I was sleepless before I went to Seattle. And while I was there, I averaged about three hours a night. Came back from AWP hoarse and with a head cold. But I'm on the mend, thank goodness. My voice doesn't sound as husky, which I kinda liked, in that Kathleen-Turner-Romancing-the-Stone way. Kinda sexy.


This past Monday, I read at SSU's annual faculty reading. The voice wasn't that sexy. More pitiful than sexy.


AWP was a blur, but I really enjoyed myself. I always do. Admittedly, I compared it to Boston because I had a teeny-tiny part in the planning. Seattle was not better or worse, just different. Certainly the weather was much better--a welcomed relief to the arctic temps on the East Coast. I even broke out a pair of Capri pants on Saturday.

There was much less swag out there, but the best swag came from Two Sylvia's Press--everything from special lanyard tags to postcards to poet tarot cards. Nice work, Kelli and Annette.

I did not do as much late-night partying as I would have liked. But there was one night I certainly stayed up late. Really, time was not my friend.

My favorite event was going to the White Pine Press reading featuring Kelli Agodon and Susan Rich. They did a great job reading from their new books Hourglass Museum and Cloud Pharmacy. It was a magical night. The reading was held at the Seattle Art Gallery with a reception before. Will post pictures later today.


I filed my NEA application in on Thursday. Yay! This year, I did something I've never done before: have a friend read my application. I never think to have someone proof my forms but it helped immensely. Just talking to people and asking about the process was a big help, too. The NEA had a table at AWP, so I asked all of my questions there. I feel eerily confident about this year's effort. I don't expect to receive a fellowship but gosh it would be fantastic if I did.


I have so much more to tell you. Hope to post more between basketball games and play dates.


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