Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, folks! Share a little of yourself and we'll try to do the same.

A few weeks ago on my visit to the College of St. Rose, Dan Nester asked me if I had a set list. Rather, he wanted to know if I picked out my poems ahead of time. My answer? Yes and no.

This is my reading copy of Underlife; it's the first copy I took out of box when the books arrived. As you can see, these are my set lists. This is a small sample. I have saved nearly every list I've ever made, but I don't reuse a list. Not sure why, it's just my thing.

Some poets are better at selecting what they're going to read when they step up to the mike, but I don't like that flustered feeling--thumbing through pages while looking for the next poem. Also, it drives me crazy when the poet can't find the poem he or she is looking for. So I choose just before I take the stage. And I usually read fewer pieces than the time allotted so I can answer questions. My set lists changes based on the audience or if I get a request, but I try not to make too many changes once I get up there. I don't "wing it." That's not my style.

Not sure what I'll do when Misery Islands is published. Invest in more Post-it Notes.


Today I'm headed out to Binghamton University to read for Maria Mazziotti Gillan's Spring Series. She's a force of nature (pun intended). Rumor has it that the beautiful and talented Tara Betts will be there as well.

March 25
Spring Readers' Series
Binghamton University
7:30 p.m., Binghamton, NY

No idea what my set list will be Tuesday night.


Snow again? The weather gods need to quit playing around and bring on spring. Seriously. Don't they know I have a five-hour drive ahead of me. Maybe they do ...


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