Confession Tuesday

Happy Confession Tuesday! Happy National Poetry Month! Happy April! Let's get right to it, shall we?

This is one of three poems that will be seen in April on Boston's green line transit system, also known as "the T." (Click to enlarge.) The poem is by Joseph O. Legaspi, but not actual T size, so to speak. We mounted the three T poems on poster board for last night's Evening of Inspired Leadership, a fundraiser to support Mass Poetry, in partnership with the Favorite Poem Project and Courage & Renewal Northeast.

Held at the Huntington Theatre, we sold at least 350 tickets and well exceeded our fundraising goal. But the night was really about moments, or as our host Michael Ansara said, "let the readers take us where they want to go." It was a nice balance of poetry, thoughtful reflection, laughter, and inspiration--as if you could ever have too much of any. A very fine way to leap into National Poetry Month. (There's video. Will post when ready. And, there are pictures on my FB page.)


My only regret: not taking a picture with Governor Deval Patrick. I did meet the governor (woo hoo!), but his staff rushed him out before I could get his attention. Oh well, maybe next year.


Mass Poetry things happening this week (read: things that keep me up at night):

  • New festival website launch
  • Festival planning
  • Common Threads
  • Poetry on the T


March went out like a lion. It really was a blur. No, it was a month in which I slept very little, stopped exercising, and lost sight of that balance I've fought so hard to maintain. So in April, I'm embracing that part of myself that occasionally says no to things.

Something I am saying yes to? I'm starting a PAD/NaPoWriMo/30-30-whatever-you-want-to-call-it challenge today.

Do you know why I like doing those challenges so much? When I sit down to write, this is my "me time." It is like having a personal no-fly zone around me to do something for me, by me. Before, these challenges were about writing poems in bulk. Now it's about meditation and reflection. And if I get a good poem out of my writing session, so be it.


My daughter couldn't sleep, so she came into my bed around 5:15 a.m. and we read poetry. Her current favorite poem, which she read to me: "The Adventures of Isabel" by Ogden Nash. I read her "Kindergarten Boyfriend" by Denise Duhamel. Now that's the way to kick off National Poetry Month. 


Susan Rich said…
Love this poem!

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