Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Confession Tuesday

Just go with it ...

Two words: head cold. I can work through a lot of things, but when the allergies I didn't know I had turned into a hacking cough and a head cold, that's all she wrote! I mean, literary, I have not been writing. (Am I using "literally" correctly?) I have not written a poem in a week.


While I wait on galley proofs of my second book, I'm working on manuscript #3. It's coming together. As I organize the work, I can see the holes. Fortunately I know how to fill them. So on a day like today, when my head is foggy from allergy relief medicine, I take the m'script out, shuffle a few pages, think I've written the worst thing ever, shuffle a few more pages, and then fold laundry.


Writers must be the only folks who will go through a bad patch in their writing. Whether it's a day or a week, we think will never write anything good again. After a bad day, I bet dancers think it was just a bad day.


Good article in The Atlantic on Frank O'Hara.


Have you seen the Dodge line-up? The list keeps growing!


Looking forward to the next five weeks of doing nothing but writing. Once the kids are out of school, however, that's when Summer O' Fun 2014 begins.

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