Word on the Street

Lots of good news out there in the poetry community.


Did you see this article on the Dark Room Collective? Read: "The Dark Room Collective: Where Black Poetry Took Wing," from The New York Times

And from TSE's FB page:

"You heard it here first. While I am always happy to see Black Poetry make its difficult and, nowadays, sometimes easier-than-before way into and through the world, there is nothing, I repeat, nothing in this article (except maybe the photos) that I agree with. And its resemblance to why I co-founded the Dark Room Collective is less than a very thinly mirrored non-skin."

--Thomas Sayers Ellis


From WBUR's Here and Now, an interview with Natasha Trethewey as she ends her tenure as two-time U.S. Poet Laureate.


Dan Chiasson profiles' Rachel Zucker in The New Yorker: "Mother Tongue."


And, have you seen Austin Kleon's Blackout Poems? Very cool.


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