Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, folks.

I took this photo last night after the second major snowfall in a week. We got about 17 inches of snow on top of the 27 inches that fell last week. Pretty, isn't it? There's nowhere to put it, and after another snow day I'm ready to go back to work. Seriously, it has snowed eight out of the last 11 days. I'm ready for a return to normalcy.


Congrats to the Patriots on another Super Bowl championship! Didn't realize it had been 10 years since the last victory. I think Tom Brady's piercing blue eyes made the difference.

Honestly, I am not a football fan. Not really. But with all of the deflategate BS, I was in like Flynn. They're just a great team. A great QB and coach. It was an evenly matched game, but the Pats prevailed. 


Thanks to Doug Holder and Dennis Daley for reviewing Misery Islands.


I completed my Poem a Day (PAD) Challenge. Woo hoo! It was fun do to but I'm so glad it's over. Now begins the work of making sense of the drafts. Most of my poems written in the last week or two of poems have snow as the subject matter. I mean really, all I had to do was look outside and write about the landscape. 

The problem with doing these challenges is that it makes me want to redo my manuscript. I do think these additional poems will make my the collection stronger. 

That's a fun thing to think about: book #3.


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