National Poetry Month

I love, love, love this year's Massachusetts Poetry Festival flyer/poster, created by Randi Giles. Festival dates are May 1-3. Planning is well underway, which makes April an important month for me.


The Poem-a-Day challenge starts today. I don't do the big public group-shares anymore (permissions is too much of a hassle to post on a blog), so I work with members of the Salem Writers Group and share in email. Always nice to commiserate and lament how difficult the process is with friends who "get" you. We suffer together.


Check out Collin Kelley's beautiful poetry banner hanging up in West Hollywood. So cool!


And this. The beautiful and talented Kelli Russell Agodon gives an interview with Theatrical Mustang Poetry. She talks about life as a poet and as a publisher with Two Sylvias Press. Also, Kelli reads my poem, "In the Company of Women" at the end of the podcast. Fun fact: That poem almost made it into the April 2015 edition of O Magazine.

And if you haven't caught Kelli's feature in this month's O Magazine, you should.


Robin Reagler said…
Great poster!

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