Confession Tuesday

No more pencils no more books!

I confess I’m glad the semester is over. It was tougher than it needed to be and I have no one to blame but myself. I held onto work longer than I should have, which created an avalanche of poems and short stories to grade. But I did a few things right, including mentoring four students on their poetry theses. I also received a round of applause. One of my students gave me a gift—that’s never happened. I keep saying I need to use the summer to get the fall semester in shape. Now I have to follow through.


Jan’s To-Do’s This Week
- Operation Misery kicks into gear (read: get a plan for book #2)
- Revise m’script #3
- Submit poems to four publications
- Organize my desk

Notice that writing is not on my list. Whenever I get through a PAD challenge, I need a month or two away from writing. But the poems are brewing. I’ll spend my time reading, figuring out what I want to do next.

I need to be progressing. If I’m not, I’m miserable to be around.


Also this spring, I will be spending some much needed downtime on my home life. My kids will be in school for another few weeks and I think with all the assessment testing, they've had it (so have I). It’s hard to sit there all day and think about the end of school. So if I can make their day to day a little more fun, that’s what I’m going to do.

Let the summer o’ fun begin!


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