First blog. I feel so naked. Anyway, hello. My name is January, also known as Jan. I am a wife and mother, married to husband Tim with son Alex (see photo). I'm also expecting our second child the first week of August.

Did you ever look at a photo of yourself and think, "this is not the same image I pictured in my head?" My life is like that. While I'm happily married and comforatble in my own skin, I thought I would have have published a book by now. I'm 36, successful in my career as a writer/editor for a college, and yet this is the one part of my life I'm not making any progress in. Oh sure, I can make a case for raising a family, but other writers (Toni Morrison comes to mind) managed to write with kids around the house. Poetry is always present in everything I do. Poetry is my vocation.

I don't want to dwell on what I'm not doing. My focus is to vent a bit, post a few poems, maybe get some feedback. Maybe I'll set some hard and fast deadlines to getting my work published. Maybe you can share your time management/writing tips.

Let's make this a dialogue and see what happens.



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