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Poetry Action Plan 2013

Burning the Old Year

Lazy Sunday

Confession Tuesday

Finally ...

Woman Without Umbrella

Confession Tuesday

Maria, Laura, and Writing Your Way Home

CavanKerry Press: Open Submission Period

Mass Poetry: Common Threads 2013

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SNL: Dylan McDermott or Dermot Mulroney?

Now Boarding

Confession Tuesday

First Snow

Confession Tuesday

Cyber Monday

Things You Must Do to Make Me Happy (a found poem)

Confession Tuesday

Poetry Marathon Fundraiser

Where You Live

Coming Close

You've Been Served

Confession Tuesday

Benefit: Boston National Poetry Month Festival

Improbable Places Poetry Tour: Blue Plate Special

Confession Wednesday

I Voted!

Confession Tuesday

You Bring Out the Mitt Romney in Me

Nikky Finney at Dodge: A Recap

All Hallow's Eve

Reasons to Survive November

Confession Tuesday

Storm Front

Poetry Soup

New Poem

Tom Hanks Performs Slam Poem About "Full House" (Jimmy Fallon)

Showing My Support

Confession Tuesday

Writers Series Reading Recap

Writers Series: Steve Almond and January Gill O'Neil