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Kibbles and Bits

Here's a picture Ella snapped of me yesterday. Decided to put on a dress as a change from jeans. In Mississippi, it was 73 degrees and overcast. Today, 80 and sunny. I'll take it. This is 30 degrees warmer than my home in Massachusetts.


There are worse places to shelter. Not a day goes by that I don't feel an enormous sense of gratitude. And yes, it's time to think about moving back home. We're ready--almost.


Blogging keeps me limber. Gives me something to do in between binge-watching episodes of Chicago P.D., and 30 Rock with my daughter. It's also a good way to open up my brainspace to poems.


I'm participating in two writing groups for National Poetry Month. Pandemic poetry seems to be a theme in both. Truth is, I have been writing fairly consistently for months. It has certainly ramped up the last three weeks after I broke up with my boyfriend.


Yes, I had a boyfriend. The pandemic sped up our ultimate end. But it was all good. All jo…

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