Proof of Life

Um, hello? Is this thing on?

I am writing from the Central Time Zone, as we have officially moved to Oxford, Mississippi for the academic year! And I have to say, Oxford is beautiful. It is a growing, bustling college town. Ole Miss is quite impressive, though the kids and I still don't know where the phrase "Hotty Totty" comes from.

Everyone here is nice--like, too nice. Not use to it. I like a bit of disdain in my interactions with folks. But seriously, so far so good.

I'm feeling a little guilty for not keeping up with this space, but now that I'm settled I have the time. So I'm planning on posting weekly. My guilt is outweighed by having an astounding spring book tour! I went to places I really wanted to go, and not a dud in the bunch. I had fun everywhere I went. There were a few venues not on the tour originally, such a a visit to Nigeria (!) and the Salem Poetry Seminar/Salem Arts Fest.

Reader, I have to tell you, I am shocked I was able to do so many events this spring. Couldn't do it without lots of help at home, and two understanding children.

I said yes to almost everything. I made it work. 😉

This past weekend we were at the Mississippi Book Festival, and while my books never showed up, we had a terrific time at the event.

Now I'm at this residency for nine months, and next week teaching MFA students. This glorious, beautiful space. The hope is to have a book or two finished by the end of my time. I'm feeling quite lucky and blessed these little poems continue to take me where I least expect it.


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