September To-Do List

August has been a work-heavy month. Not much poetry happening for me, at least it didn't feel that way. But now that I have this long, luscious weekend ahead of me, I'm overjoyed to get back to poetry and my famous to-do list.

  1. Find a poem to read at the October inauguration of Babson's new president.
  2. Write a poem a week. Time to get back into a routine. I seem to do better with pressure so maybe I should get back to writing a poem a day.But for now, I just need to put pen to paper and write.
  3. Start working on poetry project for manuscript #2. OK, I've put this one off because it involves research. But I'd like to complete this new section of poems by the end of the year.
  4. Submit! Submit! Submit! At some point this week, I realized that I don't have many poems in circulation. Since my book comes out next year, it would be nice to have some poems in print before the book's release. So I'm looking to submit to four journals/poetry projects this month.
  5. Add bio to blog. I think I need to put it somewhere on the site, somewhere that I can update.
In two weeks, I'll revise this list, as a means of keeping myself honest.

If you post a to-do list on your blog, let me know because I'm curious to see what's on your list.


Anonymous said…
Submit! Submit! I need to get organized too and be ready for the fall submission season. Easier said than done -- your to-do lists are always prod in the right direction.
Kay Cooke said…
That will keep you busy! Congrats on being asked to read the poem! You'll be fine - a little bit of nervousness is always a good thing.
Odessa said…
i'm inspired by your "a poem a week" goal. i need to do this to. =)
January said…
Odessa, you can definitely write a poem a week! Let me know when you post something new and I'll come by.

Kay, thanks for the words of support. It's a big deal for me so I hope I don't screw it up.

Nic, yes, submitting and getting organized is my goal for this week.
Lori said…
This is a great to do list January. I think I will have to adopt yours, but that submitting scares me. Thanks!
January said…
Lori, it's time to get your name out there--submit! You can do this.
Lori said…
Thank you so much January! I should get over that fear and just go for it. :-)

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