Confession Tuesday

Happy first week of spring, folks! Well, if you live in New England, it is a rainy and cold 46 degrees on June 2. Tell me again how there's no such thing as climate change?

Onto confessions ...


Here's a photo I took of Ella this morning for her PowerPoint presentation on earthworms. First of all, she doing a PowerPoint. Hello, technology. Second, notice she's wearing a winter coat. Ugh. I do love this photo.

Well, before Sunday, we had been experiencing unseasonably warm, dry weather. It spoiled me. After the harsh winter--which most of us are still traumatized from--I really though nature owed us. Wrong. But, of course, she had other plans. This too shall pass, right?



My second book, Misery Islands, has been selected by Mass Center for the Book as a 2015 Must-Read Book in the poetry category, and is a finalist for the Massachusetts Book Award in Poetry!

The full list of nominees:
Liam Day, Afforded Permanence (Aforementioned Productions)
Jeffrey Harrison, Into the Daylight (Tupelo Press)
Fanny Howe, Second Childhood (Graywolf Press)
Jennifer Markell, Samsara (Turning Point)
January Gill O'Neil, Misery Islands (CavanKerry Press)
Afaa Michael Weaver, City of Eternal Spring (Pittsburgh UP)

The winners and finalists are promoted to libraries and bookstores across the state. Winners in all categories announced in September.

I'm thrilled that this book is hitting a stride and finding an audience. And, I love the idea of having books promoted with libraries and book groups. How cool is that?


Still working on third manuscript. I'm revising poem by poem, which I should finish this week. Then, I'll send it off to poet-friends to read. Out of the 59 poems, I feel confident about 40 of them. Now, does that mean I should cut the weak ones? This is why I need a few semi-objective readers to give it to me straight. My biggest fear is that I'll write new ones and want to add them. Oh well, there are worse problems to have.


"Shiver in my bones just thinking about the weather."


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