Three Poets and a Band: Photos

Misery loves company! And I loved reading with Colleen Michaels and Kevin Carey at Chianti's Jazz Lounge as we celebrated the release of Misery Islands in front of a hometown crowd. And with Greg Allen's Fringe Religion playing an unplugged set, it was a good night had by all.

Colleen Michaels

Kevin Carey

Greg Allen's Fringe Religion


Elizabeth Moore said…
So wish I could have been there! I'm sure you rocked it, as usual!

Also, how didn't I know until now that you have a blog? Hope it's ok if I follow. :)

January said…
Really? I thought everyone knew. :) I have neglected my blog as of later but will post a few entries, I hope, from Millay Colony. That's where I am this week. Thanks for following! Hope you are well.


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