Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, folks. Time for confessions. Share and share alike.

September is here and we are back to school! I have to say, I'm sad to see summer go. For the past three months, I've taken a break from all duties and obligations. And for the last two months, the kids and I have goofed off, had many water gun battles, eaten too much ice cream, and just enjoyed the warm weather. But not, classes have started for them and I'm back to teaching at Salem State.

Summer, we miss you already.


I didn't write very much during the past few months. I'm probably being too hard on myself because I finished my third manuscript. But I didn't have that desperate ache to start a poem, or keep pace against any self-imposed schedules. Admittedly, I was OK with not writing, so I think this has to be a new part of the process. This fall, I'll teach three creative writing classes and one composition class. No way I can get out of writing. That's one of the benefits--even if it's bad writing. Now that classes are back in session and I have three creative writing classes, I'm looking forward to working with students and getting into a more regular routine.


This fall I have a lot of travel, more than I would normally take on in a semester. I'd forgotten what it's like to promote a book. By all accounts, Misery Islands is doing well with adoptions and general sales. I'm doing my best to support my little book.


You know you're getting older when you start saying things such as, "Where has the time gone?"


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