Yes, I'm OK.


Today I'm at Pleasant St. Tea Company in Gloucester with my friend Cindy. Later, I'll watch my son play flag football and then either grade papers or watch the Patriots football game. Or both.


Special shout out to Nancy Greenaway who emailed and asked if I was OK. The answer, of course, is yes! I've just been busy with the kids and teaching. I'm also starting festival planning so this blog has not gotten the attention it deserves. But I promise to start posting more regularly.

If I'm being honest, I haven't been motivated to write. And I haven't written a poem in two months. I did finish my third manuscript and it's out for review. I'm not panicked about not writing. In fact, I feel great. You won't find me stressed about not writing (when there are so many other things to be stressed about). Maybe I'm just bored with my own writing and I need a real challenge. 


Most likely I will do a Poem a Day challenge in November. I would like to write new poems by the end of the year, and to move with purpose through the New Year. 


Thanks for checking in on me. I'm still here! 


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