Confession Tuesday

Starbucks should put lines of poetry on their cups, don't you think?


Thinking of Paris, Beirut, and Syria.


Ahhh, November. 

I've been a traveling fool as of late. I've been to New York, Washington, DC, and Santa Fe, NM (and hung out in airports in Denver, Albuquerque, and Phoenix--but who's counting). 

It's been a whirlwind few weeks of readings and meetings, yet I'm reassured by is that poetry seems to be thriving. And I say that given the excitement and enthusiasm of people who are working behind the scenes to bring poetry to a wider audience. It doesn't seem like such an uphill battle as it has in the past. 


While I have no have time to attend my workshop, I've been writing a poem a day. Of course, I'm off pace. But after not writing for months, I can feel myself finding some kind of rhythm to my writing life. Feels good to get a few drafts in paper. 


My schedule has changed temporarily so it's been hard as of late to get any momentum. Haven't worked out or had a good old fashioned writing session with my group in more than a month. I seem to be treading water lately. That's fine for now. I'm adjusting and taking deep breaths. Here's hoping I can pace myself for the next few months. My schedule should level out by March.

Did I mention Misery Islands won the Mass Book Award for poetry? Yep, that happened. 


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