Goodbye 2015

Dear big, beautiful blog:

I am sorry for neglecting you in 2015. Poet Mom has been such an important part of my life for nearly 10 years, so much so it's hard to believe I have not posted in six weeks. But the truth is I'm not sure if I want you in my life anymore. 

During the past six months I haven't been motivated to post here. I'm much more active on Facebook and Twitter, which you might have guessed. But I think my reluctance to write here reflects a lack of motivation toward anything and everything. Yes, life is good. The kids and teaching take up a large portion of time, but I've always manage to write. With Misery Islands making its way in the world, I've done my best to support it while planning the next Mass Poetry Festival and get more involved with the larger poetry community. I just don't have the passion for blogging that I used to, and I'm not sure it will return. 

For motivation to mean anything, I need attention and effort--two things I've lacked since the summer. So it's time for me to shake things up. You, dear blog, need a long, overdue overhaul--a look and feel that reflects who I am today. Or maybe we've just outgrown each other. I'm just not sure at this point. 

For the next few months, I will try to post weekly to see if the passion returns. I need to set new goals, even if I'm unmotivated to do so. Do I need a fresh start? A kick in the pants? Time for me to find out.   
Time for me to pick a direction and go.




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