Raining Poetry

No one is more surprised than me about the popularity of Mass Poetry's Raining Poetry project. This video, produced by New York Magazine, has 20 million views and counting!

While I did not organize this project, I couldn't be happier about its success. Who knew that putting invisible poems around the city would elicit such a reaction? Poetry in the public sphere. Maybe folks like the surprise of it, or they like encountering art rather than going to it. It rained this morning, so I hope more people were able to see the art on Memorial Day all over Boston.

Where are the poems right now?

Langston Hughes - Dudley Square (by Dudley Square Cafe)
Gary Duehr - Upham's Corner (by The Strand)
Barbara Helfgott Hyett - Roslindale (by Adams Park)
Elizabeth McKim - Hyde Park (by the Library)

More poems are coming! Find out more about Raining Poetry.

And DONATE, so we can add more poems to our rainy-day collection.


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