Confession Tuesday

This is the view of my orchid at the new window in my newly remodeled kitchen! Maybe I'll post pictures in the future. But the kitchen remodel took up nearly most of the summer. I'm glad it's done. The room looks beautiful--trust me.


I am back to blogging. I've been away too long and, believe it or not, I missed it. I missed weekly posting. I missed confessing. It's taken me a very long time to do something about all of things needing updates. Seems to be a running theme in my life.

What do you think of the new Poet Mom look? Still formatting. More updates soon.


After a difficult year, I can report that the kids and I are doing well. How is it possible that the children get older and I get younger? Hmmmm ...


My writing has been hit or miss. Haven't written much of anything recently. But there are projects and opportunities before me that I can only read as signs. Feels like the larger world is asking me to participate again. Participate and be present Can't stay in my little cave forever. The poems will come, and, for me, blogging is a big part of idea generation. I'll talk about my writing process in a future post.


Trump as president hasn't helped my writing any. Not. One. Bit. It's been hard to focus these last few months because I'm constantly vacillating between fear and dread. I miss the Obama days.



Anyway, it's good to be back. Blogging is so 2007. Yet, there's a certain freedom to putting your words in the world without worrying so much about where they will land. This space is for me.


Susan Rich said…
Glad you're back! Missed you!
January said…
Thanks Susan! XO

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