2018 Revival Tour

We're getting the band back together!

We're back, baby!

Thanks to Kelli Russell Agodon and Donna Voyerrer for jumpstarting our blogging tour de force. First, the list of participants as of 12/27. (Kelli, thanks for the graphic.)

Kelli Russell Agodon- http://ofkells.blogspot.com/   
Donna Vorreyer – https://djvorreyer.wordpress.com  
Carolee Bennett – https://gooduniversenextdoor.com/
Mary Biddinger – wordcage.blogspot.com/ 
Dave Bonta –  http://vianegativa.us
Heather Derr-Smith – ferhext.com/   
Jeannine Hall Gailey  – webbish6.com 
Erin Hollowell – . T
Trish Hopkinson  https://trishhopkinson.com/
Crystal Ignatowski – http://somehiatus.tumblr.com/
Anita Olivia Koester – https://www.forkandpage.com/
Courtney LeBlanc – wordperv.com   
Lorena P Matejowsky   https://nothingbutblueskies.wordpress.com/   
James Moore –   
LouAnn Sheperd Muhm – https://louannmuhm.com/
January Gill O’Neill  – http://poetmom.blogspot.com .  
Sarah Russell – https://sarahrussellpoetry.net
Bonnie Staiger –https://bonniestaiger.com/
Hannah Stephenson – http://thestorialist.com
Stephanie Lane Sutton athenasleepsin.wordpress.com
Christine Swint –  https://balancedonedge.blog/   
Dylan Tweney – http://dylan20.tumblr.com/

Next: Why am I blogging again?

It's more than nostalgia; although, nostalgia is a great motivator. Back in 2006 when I had two young kids and the Internet was young(ger), blogging was my lifeline. I would not have published my first book without the community of poets and writers encouraging me along the way. And, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed writing about new topics on a regular basis.

At some point, it became a grind.

This tour comes at a great time. My life is so busy that I am excited to make space for blogging. Lately, I've felt as if I've lost the ability to look forward, to wonder. Does that make sense? I lost that when I stopped blogging. Writing without limitations was an important part of my creativity, and I lost that when I stopped posting on a regular basis. It shows in nearly all of the poems I wrote in 2017.

This is a chance for me to reconnect with writers I love while recapturing a part of myself.

So, be on the lookout for all the blogs listed above--and this one. More to come. Stay tuned, dear reader.


Sean Wright said…
Hi Poet Mom,

Just touring before the tour gets started. It's a awesome idea and I hope it keeps me flying level for 2018.
January said…
Yes, me too! Thanks Sean. Happy New Year! See you in the blogsophere.

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