Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, folks!

This is a picture from last Friday's  bomb cyclone. The bombogenesis left us with 15" of snow--a respectable amount for New England's first major snowstorm of the new year. Fortunately we did not lose power from the high winds. We did, however, gain two snow days, also known as two days I should have been more productive but wasn't.


Woke up yesterday and today at 3 a.m. with that feeling of dread. Usually occurs when I have work do to and I don't want to do it, even when I know getting it done will make my life infinitely better. Hate that feeling. Hate not sleeping even more.


My campus goes back to school after the MLK Jr. holiday. So this week is about getting organized, doing my class prep, and fitting in some fun activities just for me. My desk looks the same as last week. Ugh.


I have not written any poems (maybe a few fits and starts here and there). But, I'm looking at drafts from 2017 to see what I want to bring into 2018 as completed poems. And, as you can see, I do have some blog posts under my belt. That counts as writing. I'm not completely creatively dead inside.


The biggest thing I can do for myself is not be too hard on myself. I was super-productive in my 30s and early 40s. Now, the hunger I had is just not there. I've always overproduced, yet these days I'm much more interested in conserving my energy for the long hall. Is it just a matter of getting older, or do I have more things to think about and less brain space? Maybe it's winter? All of the above?

I'm fascinated by the nature of creativity. Hoping to schedule a little more time to read about productivity, motivation, and how creatives stay creative.

What's your top tip for keeping the creative juices flowing?


Barbara Krasner said…
Hi, January, even though I teach, I take online creative writing classes and work with a poetry mentor one on one. That way I know I'll have deadlines. Last year I generated six creative nonfiction essays, three of which I've successfully placed. I also write gobs of poems and now have a new chapbook coming out in the fall.
I also try to read literary journals and get inspired by what I read, plus I get to share with my students.
I wonder, did I ever meet you at a Maria Gillan/Laura Boss weekend writing retreat?
ren powell said…
Good to read your voice again. I'm thankful for the revival.

My top tip is boring. 15 minute minimum each day - that is the discipline it takes for me to learn and re-learn that it isn't a matter of being in the mood - and to learn/relearn to leave my ego out of it. (Not that I think either of those issues are necessarily relevant for you!). I guess it is relevant for the sake of full-disclosure - I didn't learn this, Poet Mom, until my kids had grown and moved out into the world.
Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow said…
That is one very cool photo, though.
It was great seeing and chatting with you at the Phoenix Art Museum last month, January. Maybe we'll run into each other at AWP?!
Elizabeth Frank said…
I love your honesty, January. And I agree that creativity and how to stay creative is fascinating. What has been hugely helpful for me is the book "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron, especially her encouragement to focus on play and nurturing your inner artist through "artist dates". After burning out with writing in college, her book helped me get back into writing a few years ago, with a much different rhythm and approach than I had before.

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