Monday, July 31, 2006

Gratuitous Cow Photos


twitches said...

Pretty pictures! I have a cow poem I'll have to post sometime...have spent lots of time around them, being from Texas and all. You know, we all own cows here. And play banjos.

January said...


Yes, post your cow poem. I have one but somehow I'm sure yours is better than mine!

Writing Blind said...

Cows are awesome. I want to write a cow poem now.

Deb R said...

Are the cow photos something you took on your trip?

And did I ever tell you there's a cow named after me? DebCow is a very pretty Jersey who lives on a small dairy farm a couple of hours south of here.

January said...

These cows are Rhode Island cows. My son loves cows so we stopped by and spoke with us. Seems like they were as intersted in us as we were in them.

You should post a picture of DebCow!


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