A Few Random Thoughts on a Wednesday Morning

As I type this, I forgot that yesterday was Confession Tuesday. Oh well, I’m still a little NaBloPoMo-ed out so I’m taking it easy on the blogging and getting ready for the holidays. I guess this post will make up for yesterday’s non-post.


Today, I’m off from work—woo hoo! I rarely take days off, so as a result, I have built up more time than I can use in a year. In fact, I have three more days to use before we’re out for the rest of the year on December 21. If my calculations are correct, I have a mere nine days left to work this calendar year—just one more reason why I love where I work.


So the kids and I are going Christmas shopping. Need to get a present for Tim; although, I think once we pick it out my son will tell his dad what we bought. *sigh*


I have been sending out poems to journals like a mad fool. I have about eight submissions out there working for me, both print and online—that’s a record. I hate the submission process but I look at it as a necessary evil.


Currently, I’m working on a new poem. Hope to post it sometime today.


Also working on two articles for here and here. Hope to wrap them up sooner rather than later.


Anonymous said…
I'm interested in which online journals you've submitted to. Is it bad luck to name names?
Maithri said…
All the best with the submissions,

you have a wonderful gift,

Peace and soft light to you and yours, M
PDW said…
great job sending stuff out! of course, let us know what you hear! i'm waiting on some of my own -- i've rec'd two thumbs up's and it's too early for the others. one said "six months or more."

was it you who said quite a while back, send them out and forget about them? if not, it's advice i've attributed to you. :)

i think that's what it takes of me. i'm new to submitting, so i could easily get obsessed with the waiting and the needing to know. instead, i'm trying to keep "at the work" so i don't think about them and so i'll have an ongoing crop to pick out and send when i get up the nerve again.

Ananda said…
congratulations on making through the daily november blogging, poetry submissions, and being able to stay home and chill. i love the poet mom post with photos of the family. the photos were poetry to me. they showed the beauty and goodness of family. peace and poetry, ananda
bostonerin.livejournal.com said…
Bizzy p-mom! Good for you for having subs out there. I need to get on the horn in the next few weeks and submit a few short stories that have been lurking around.

Hope your shopping experience was fruitful, and that Alex kept his secret!
January said…
Erin, so far so good. I think the little man has forgotten what we bought.

Gotta keep those submissions out there. Not sure if I'll get any more responses (read: REJECTIONS)between now and the holdays, but the more out there the better the odds.
January said…
Ananda, Maithri--thanks for stopping by!
January said…
Carolee--Congrats on your acceptances. Keep sending your poems out and forget about them. Let them work for you while you're working on new poems. Cool!

Ceridwen--I'll send you my list in e-mail.

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