New Poem

The Little Mermaid Walks Away

There’s too much water in the ocean.
Each wave an echo, an unanswered wish
calling her to the surface. The pulsing current
through coral reefs means nothing to her
when the ocean’s craggy floor
is pocked with the things
others throw away. She brushes her
cyclone of tangled hair with a fork.

How perfect does an apple taste?
A steak? A kiss? At night, she writes
her girlish notions against shafts of moonlight.
The morning hands them back.
There are no flaws in nature, so to walk
on pronged feet, to leave a footprint,
means walking out of a dream.
It means destroying a kingdom
only to build it again.


J said…
That's one heck of an opening line there. Good thing the rest of the poem lives up to it.
Rethabile said…
I agree with j. That's some line, there. In fact I like both opening lines: There's too much water in the ocean (I snuggle deeper into my armchair, sip a beer, and read). And: How perfect does an apple taste? (ditto as above). Magnificent.
susan said…
My gut reaction was too much for what? Not a criticism but an honest reaction to the line. The second to closing line completes the message for me. Thanks for the read. Well done.
Kimberley (Red Moon) said…
As others have said, the first line is great. Reading it immediately silenced the world around me as I entered the world you created in the first half of the poem. Then you bring me back into my world with her longing for it. Excellent.
BB said…
I love the new direction this poem is taking, January!
Ananda said…
january, i just discovered this poem. sistalove, it is ocean deep (pun intended). it makes me see why you have a new book of poetry coming out in october 2009. congratulations. and i do feel you on janet jackson being your greatest dance teacher. enjoy the time off from work.... i love the snow picture you posted... can't wait to see your author/poet promotional materials. you are now a poet rock star.... peace and poetry, ananda

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