Monday, June 07, 2010

Monday, Monday

Just before tipoff, my cable/Internet/phone went out. I was unable to watch the Celtics-Lakers game Sunday night until the last 50 seconds of the fourth period. Of course, neighbors in the area had no trouble with their cable, just my street. Thanks, Comcast (FAIL!).

The only good to come out of it was that I was able to clean my office and set up a creative space for Alex and Ella. That also meant reorganizing much of the paper and clutter that had accumulated during the winter. Notice, I’m not showing you my desk—decluttering my work space will be tonight’s task.


Go Celts!


Yesterday, I saw the nearly finished video for "How to Make a Crab Cake." I’m really pleased with the end result. Can’t wait to show it but the big reveal is for the Arts Fest Beverly on June 19; I’ll release it the following Monday. Woo hoo!


While thumbing through Underlife, my son, Alex, discovered my poem “Sex and Pizza.” He’s six and learning how to read. He saw the word pizza and wanted to know what S-E-X was. I know it’s just the word he curious about, but I’m just not ready to have that conversation yet.


Looks like the beautiful and talented Erin Dionne and I will be featured for an upcoming spot on Magic 106.7 radio! Very cool (Thanks, Robyn, for your help.) Details to come.


I’m starting the week more organized, which should lead to less stress. Between writing, revising, and promoting Underlife, I’m trying to figure out how to maximize my efforts. I can’t do it all, so where does it make sense to devote my time. To-do list to come.


Catherine said...

Wait till your eight year old starts reading the newspaper and asks "what's rape?" Come to think of it, my six year olds were reading the newspaper. You have to have at least a watered down version of "the conversation" remarkably early these days. Honest but not too explicit is what I'd go for.

January said...

Yikes, that's a scary conversation to have, Catherine. It does seem like parents have to approach these topics sooner than in years past. Ugh. Good advice. Thanks.

Heidi G said...

The creative area that you have set up for E & A is wonderful! Like you, having Eat Love Pray gone left unread by your nightstand, I have gone without setting up my own creative space for no less than 2 years which unfortunately beats your record... procrastination is alive and well for me in that area. Ick.


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