Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Confession Tuesday

It's the last Tuesday of February ... Where did the month go? Time for your confessions, peeps. You know the drill.

Because of this video from Kid President and President Obama, I signed up for the annual White House Easter Egg Roll. I should find out on Friday if we will attend. The selection is done by lottery and, well, I'm feeling lucky.

Here's hoping the Department of Recreation selects a single mom and two great kids from Massachusetts to romp around on the White House lawn on April 1. (hint hint).

How cool would that be? Way cool, WH! Way cool.


Thanks to Lisette Espinoza for inviting me to speak yesterday at Northern Essex Community College for Black History Month. We had a good turnout. I gave my presentation, and then the audience read a variety of poems, from Countee Cullen to Gwendolyn Brooks. It was a lovely event.


AWP, Mass Poetry Fest planning, and incoming fiction papers are hitting me all at once--in a perfect storm kind of way. Fortunately, I see a light at the end of the tunnel. That light starts March 6.


Please let the light be daylight and not a train.


Rattle accepted my poem "Sunday" for their Single Parent tribute issue. Woo hoo! I *heart* Rattle so I'm thrilled they took one of my newer poems--a little lift in a month where I have put very little energy into my own poetry. *big sigh*


It is impossible for me to carve out any time to write now. I accept that--too much work for me to even pretend to write or revise poetry. So I'm left with this question: If writing is so central to who I am, why can't I make the time to write? And I've tried everything: changing my routine, getting up early, staying late, writing in between other activities like Ella's tae kwondo classes.

All I can do is hang on fingernails until I can focus on myself. With any luck, that will be next week.


I have an article due ... overdue. Drat.


As you might have guessed, I'm writing this post on the fly. Just one of those days. (You know you're in trouble when every day is one of those days.) *Sigh*

Happy Tuesday, folks.

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