Finding Nemo

Well, Nemo found us.

Between shoveling and snow blowing over two days, I'm pooped. Neighbors pitched in to help one another, but I think most of us put in a solid four hours yesterday. There's just so much snow and nowhere to put it.


I wish I could look at all this white stuff and see the earth covered in a magical white blanket. What I see are an infinite number of icy particles conspiring against me. And this is how I know I am a full-fledged adult: when snow inspires dread instead of joy.


We've had a pretty low-key weekend, getting out today for a bit just as cabin fever began to set in. I read a few poetry collections, wrote a bit, ate too much, slept a lot, revised one poem. The kids watched too much tv and played too many video games. Who am I kidding? We all did. Oh well.


Tomorrow, area schools are closed again. Is this what's known as overwintering?


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