Improbable Places Poetry Tour: Color, Baby!

Thursday night, the Improbable poets were not thinking about the snowstorm. We were not standing in line at the grocery store or gassing up our cars or hunting down supplies for the impending blizzard. We were thinking about color.

Ahead of the storm, we were at Waters & Brown paint store listening to poetry at the Improbable Places Poetry Tour. Colleen Michaels, a.k.a. Czarina of Poetry Fun, once again brought us together for a fantastic evening of poetry.

Va Va Va VOOM!

She even put our bios on color swatches.

The crowd for the Improbable readings are a mix of businesses, students, poets, and community members coming together for poetry and art. Colleen, with the support of Montserrat College of Art, really have created a comfortable atmosphere where words matter. More than 20 people read their poems--all color and paint related--to an audience of at least 70 people. And we still needed more chairs!

Colleen also played music created by Sherman Williams, spoken word put to music in the late 60s/early 70s as (corporate) expressions of color.

I'm always surprised by the new faces that take the mic for the first time, first-time readers as well as emerging writers. Part of the fun is creating a new poem around a theme and hearding how people interpret that te. The Improbable has become quite the social gathering around on the North Shore, with enough time for people to chat before and after the event. Who cares about snow when there's poetry to feed the soul!

You should make every effort to attend one of these events because they are pure magic, the cure for the traditional--dare I say probable--poetry reading

Don't believe me? See for yourself. Here's video from the last Improbable Places Poetry Tour reading, at Wayne's World of Automotive Services. Check out poems by Michael Ansara and Jill McDonough.


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