Kibbles and Bits

Here's a TED-Ed video on how to write a slam poem. It's actually a nice video on how to write a poem.


"Some people get squirrely when a poet talks about money; they seem to think we’re happy to read for free as long as someone can scare up a dozen people to sit and listen. No one expects a mechanic to change their oil for free or the vet to worm their dog, but it doesn’t occur to some folks that a poet is like anyone else who’s put in time and effort to learn a craft and has a right to be paid to practice it.

Charles Coe on the State of Poetry at Mass Poetry's Website.


"6. Bioluminesce. Write sentences in a darkened room. Lie on the floor and have other people gently rearrange your limbs. A poetry of hotel rooms, jungles and urban aquariums."

From "How To Write A Poem" by Bhanu Kapil


Made it through the first week of classes. Woo hoo! So much chaos around campus, but there's an abundance of good energy in our little community. Cool.


Go Red Sox!


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