Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday folks. Happy first Tuesday in November. And, happy Election Day in the U.S. Share a bit of yourself with us and we promise to do the same.

It is day 5 of the November PAD challenge and already I am down by two poems. The three I have written are questionable.

You may ask, "Why do this?" I mean, a poem a day is hard in the best of months. And we all know that anything worthwhile takes time to develop. But I like the immediacy. I like setting aside an hour a day (some days 10 minutes) to write. There's a point where I surrender to the process and just write a bad poem--which sometimes turns out to be pretty good.


I don't use prompts for the challenge, but I always look in case I'm out of ideas.


Daylight Savings Time has been great for my family. Everybody goes to bed tired and wakes up refreshed, including me. Woo hoo!


Lots of community-based projects going on with Mass Poetry and the Mass Poetry Festival. None of which I can share, just know things are happening behind the scenes. It's exciting to watch the plans unfold.


To-do list

1. Get back on track with the PAD challenge
2. Send out two four publications
3. Revise two poems
4. Organize desk


Congrats to Joseph O. Legaspi for winning the inaugural David Blair Chapbook Prize for his second chapbook! Very cool.


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