Confession Tuesday

Starbucks and me

Happy two days before Thanksgiving (in the U.S.)! Time to share a bit of yourselves with us, and we'll promise to do the same.

First, Happy Thanksgiving one and all! It is one of my favorite holidays so I hope you are warm and safe, wherever you are.


Every other year, Thanksgiving becomes a bit of a puzzle for me. Alex and Ella go with their dad for the holiday and weekend, so I'm left figuring out where to go. Usually, I rely on the kindness of friends, not that I couldn't fly to Virginia or Atlanta to visit relatives. At one point I contemplated staying at home on Thursday, getting into a home project, and watching movies all day. Bring on the ice cream and Proscesso. I mean, it is just one day.

Well, this year I am spending Thanksgiving in Western Massachusetts with Colleen Michaels and family. It's a welcomed invite given that I really don't want to paint my daughter's bedroom. Maybe this is me re-envisioning the holiday and expanding the meaning of family. We'll be here. (But don't stalk us.)

I am thankful I won't be alone on Thanksgiving. Bring on the turkey and Proscesso!


Every Friday is Black Friday for me.


Happy Birthday Joseph O. Legaspi and Afaa Michael Weaver!


PAD poems: 21. It's day 26. Honestly, I can see myself getting to 28 poems before the end of the month. Because I've been behind from day one, the pressure's off. Rather than writing every day, I have been writing in spurts, maybe four days on and three days off. And I haven't crafted these poems into perfect little gems.

Now the downside is that nothing has been revised. In fact, I'm feeling so good about my ability to write, almost at will, that I'm afraid to stop. Seriously, you know what it's like to get into a groove, get out of it, and try to get back into it. That's hard and unpleasant. I spend too much energy griping about not being able to write. But I have to make revision a priority.


Just turned in final draft copy of my second manuscript, Misery Islands, to my publisher. The book will be out next fall, but already I am putting together a marketing plan. What will I do differently to release this book than I did for book #1? Will I have manuscript #3 in circulation before #2 is published? Hmmm ....


One word: Proscesso.  And, Happy Thanksgiving!


Susan Rich said…
Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jan! I'm glad you're spending it with Coleen. I'm hoping my voice comes back and the fever breaks so I can go up to Port Townsend to be with friends.

I'm looking forward to seeing you come spring. Congratulations on finishing the final edits!
That's a true milestone.


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