Confession Thursday

Happy Confession Thursday!

I know, I know. It's been a busy week. Couldn't get it together in time for Tuesday. Ugh. Hey, if Kelli can do it, so can I!


The kids were out of town until yesterday, so I had my birthday weekend (and then some) to myself. While I missed Alex and Ella, I was grateful for the gift of time. It's good to have them back in the house.


School vacation week is great for kids, not so great if you still have to work--and I do. The last few days have been a perfect storm of work coming together. A "work vortex," if you will. So I'm in the midst of trying to get a lot accomplished before AWP. 

  • Finish m'script edits for Misery Islands
  • Finish Taxes
  • Upload Web content to Mass Poetry Web site
  • Collect photos and bios for the program booklet
And a lot of smaller tasks I need to get done.

I love my jobs. I love my family. I love all of these things I do. When they converge in the same week, however, I become an air traffic controller--all I want to do is land the planes. I do that well.

I'll sleep on my way to Seattle.


I just came from a great reading at SSU with Lexa Hiller and Greg Fraser. I was really impressed with both poets. In the Q & A after, Greg said (I'm paraphrasing):
When you finish a poem you think is terrific, or write a really great line of text, the universe expands a little bit. 
Isn't that a great thought? That when you create something, when you put your art into the world, you make the world larger. Better.

Maybe that's why AWP is worth the effort. I'm with my tribe, making the world a little larger.


That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.


I feel "Confession Tuesday" has a flexibility about Confession Thursday" has similar letters to Tuesday, so good enough! see you soon!

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