Heart in Snow

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes on Facebook and Twitter! I had a great day yesterday. Quieter than in past years, but lovely nonetheless. FB makes birthdays overwhelming (in a good way).


I just took this photo of the heart in snow. Fresh snow. We're supposed to get a blizzard tonight. I live by the the coast, so we're expecting at least 8-12". I hate snow. I think we've had about seven storms in seven weeks.

Winter, I'm breaking up with you.


Early, I had brunch with a few friends at the home of Danielle Jones-Pruett (a.k.a. D-to-the-J-to-the-P!). She's a wonderful cook, fabulous host, and amazing poet. I am lucky to have the circle of friends that I do. We also workshopped a few poems. Seems all I want to write about is winter. Spring can't come fast enough.


Snow. Brunch. Poems. Prosecco. House of Cards. More snow. *sigh*


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