Bits and Pieces

One word: kids. 

The beginning of the week started out extremely productive, then I got wrapped up in kids activities. Did not make too much progress on manuscript #3. Honestly, I'm so tired at night that by morning I don't want to write anything. As much as I want to stay focused, I can feel myself pulling back to enjoy the time with my family. Tonight is no exception with a sleepover in progress. 

I have managed to do a few po-biz things every single day, which feels immensely satisfying. 

The upcoming week should be a better one to write new poetry.


Today, I saw a musical written by my friend J.D. Scrimgeour called Only Human. It's a complicated plot, you can read about it here and here. Simply wonderful! Seeing it made me want to come home and write something ... anything. 


Earlier this week, I did an interview on WOMR-FM, 92.1, Poets Corner with Neil Silberblatt. Thanks to Neil for including me in his roster of poets. Here's the podcast:


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