Confession Tuesday

Artwork by Dan Sklar

Happy Confession Tuesday, folks. I had a post written but when I went to upload the draft, I couldn't find it. Oh well. I wrote it on the Blogger app, so who knows what happened to it.

I have not written one poem in June. Not one. And I'm OK with that. I have been blissfully working on my third manuscript. While the kids are in school a few more days, my focus has been on getting the book in some sort of working order. The process has been great for me. All of the poems are in a binder, which allows me to thumb through and make all the revisions while pulling poems for other projects. It also gives me a chance to remind myself which ones I have published and which ones would be good to submit. 

This book has a few holes, so I will write a few poems to bridge together the theme. But overall, I'm quite happy with the work. The goal is to have it in good shape by September.


Feels weird working on a third book when the second book is due this fall. At some point, I'll have to throw myself into marketing and promotion full throttle. But for now, I'm enjoying the pace of working on a loose schedule. Sure, there are other things I need to do. But for now, I'm happy to work on my projects for a change--without distraction.  


My hope is to pick up the Juno project in July, which will get me back in writing mode. For at least the first two weeks, I can see myself getting up early--before the kids wake up--to begin a project just as this. These poems require different hours. 


From my almost-nine-year-old daughter: "Mom, I'm writing my autobiography."


Wonder where she gets it?


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